About the Community

What We Do

We believe that to change the world you must first change the people around you. The Community of Cardboard holds creators in our spaces accountable. We lift up voices of all backgrounds who have agreed to a stringent code of conduct and are committed to not only following this code themselves but also moderating their spaces as well. We provide help and a platform for these voices so that they can be heard. These creators can then change their communities and so on and so forth. It is our ultimate goal for safe spaces to be the norm so all can feel loved and welcome.

Levels of Accountability

We keep the community held accountable with an impressive moderation team and community council committed to upholding these standards and leading our community equally. We not only hold our community voices accountable, but we hold each other accountable. Our council consists of both creators and non-creators, people of all backgrounds, genders and playstyles to ensure that our community always stands by our code of conduct.